I have always loved painting themes which invite you, my viewer, to walk into my canvas and explore it’s mysterious interiors and depths.

Perspective, a feeling of space and depth are what set my paintings apart.

There are mysterious nooks and corners to be explored in old ancestral homes, temples, palaces and forts, there are foliage–lined pathways or steps leading into the unknown, there are rows of welcoming deck chairs on the beach, there are distant horizons as you stand at the water’s edge gazing at it’s different hues, there are deep forests offering shade or rooftops disappearing into the distance.

I paint mainly with the palette knife to achieve different textures on the canvas using several layers of paint.

Light and shadow play an important part in my canvases—I use the play of light to heighten the feeling of perspective and breathe life into my paintings.

I like to use colours that are bright and happy—the moods I create are positive and upbeat.

There are suggestions of joyous occasions , celebrations or just positivity in my works—reds, oranges and yellows in my sun paintings, children darting between pillars, welcoming doorways, colourful inviting deck chairs, hidden toys playing hide and seek.

There is a sense of tranquillity which “effortlessly strokes the soul”.

Come, step into my paintings and enter a make-believe happy world.

some of the series i have painted are…

The series FIRE IN THE SKY is a dramatic series which captures the vibrant moods and colours of the sun using thick bold strokes in blazing reds, oranges, yellows and crimson. Magnificent forts, palaces, temple gopurams and forests are all framed against the fiery sky. Here again there is a feeling of space and distance. The sun to me represents energy, strength and positivity.

The “ HIDE & SEEK ” series transports you into a world of playfulness, of fantasy, of happy childhood memories which take you back to a time of innocence.
I want you to lose yourself in a world of childhood fantasy, into a space of tranquillity.
These paintings will evoke all the happy feelings you experienced in an uncomplicated world when you were little.
In this series, children dart between old carved pillars in ancient temples—they play in magnificent palaces and forts or run around temple steps.

The “ LOOK, I MADE MAGIC! ” series looks at the everyday world through the eyes of a child. The beauty around us we take for granted is viewed with wonder by a child. They see the joys we often miss. As the child completes the jigsaw puzzle, the magic emerges.

This series encourages you to view what the world has to offer with a fresh look and to then discover the magic that appears.

The series “ SURRENDER ” too explores depth and perspective along with an element of dreams and fantasy. I am influenced by the old magnificent temples of the South.

The depths of ancient temples offer a refuge from the everyday world…they promise tranquillity and rest, helping you to surrender yourself to a higher power.. represented by hidden motifs like the sacred lotus or peacock feather hidden in the painting.

“ LEAVE YOUR WORRIES BEHIND ” In this series women turn their back to their stresses and everyday worries of this world and walk towards a place which offers them solace and shade. It may be an entrance to an ancient temple, a path down a garden, an entrance to a home. Their shadows or sometimes their “chappals” which they leave behind them represent all their baggage they are turning their back to.

My series “ MOODS OF THE SEA ” transports you to a place of tranquillity at the edge of the water looking into the calm horizon in the distance.

The waters of the sea are in different colours of soothing blues.

The “ WELCOME ” series. These paintings potray different doorways welcoming you in. Doors in the blue city of Jodhpur, decorated doorways in palaces or old doorways of ancestral homes, all done in textured surfaces.