Jaya’s technique goes beyond engaging the viewer as a passive watcher, it takes the viewer by hand and gives him a guided tour of her composition. With all the intricate details added to her composition, you’re sure to discover hidden depths everytime you view her painting.


Jaya’s works have a meditative quality to them. Viewing becomes an experience. You don’t just watch her work and move on to the next canvas – you delve into its depth, its visual colour play and subtle but quotidian representation of life and nature around us.


Her canvases bring situations to life, making you feel a part of them…


Jaya believes in painting for the sheer joy of rendering on the canvas. Her ’joie de vivre’ is evident in her use of bright colours that effortlessly stroke the soul.


She excels at making landscapes that are still and yet appear to move. There is that quality of both stillness and motion. You almost feel you are walking into the frame and canvas.

– Times of India, Bangalore